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Organizing physicians by unit encouraged predictability, cohesiveness, and better communication. Team members learned to speak with each other on a first-name basis and began to collaborate primarily face-to-face.
Posting SIBR® rounds ground rules on the wall of the unit allowed the team to hold each other accountable to shared expectations, from start times and duration of SIBR® rounds to situations in which patients might or might not be excluded. More generally, with the unit-based teams and the leadership dyad of the nurse and physician directors it became possible to clarify the expectations for each role on the ACU day or night.
According to Dr. Jason Stein: “ACUs in the U.S. and Australia have demonstrated improved clinical outcomes, reduced cost of care, higher employee engagement and patient satisfaction, and improved education for nurses, providers, and trainees. Outcomes observed in ACUs appear to be a function of the patient population, baseline performance, and ACU leadership focus and effectiveness.”