ACU briefing video – Available at last!

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Dr Jason Stein's briefing to Australian and New Zealand healthcare leaders about the ACU care model. 40-minute video - recorded 16th June, 2017:   Watched enough? Looking to improve your team's communication and patient centred care? Contact me to discuss it. Chapters: The video has "instant access" links to help...
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A care model for proactive patient-centred care?

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Four years ago, at an event at The Alfred hospital, I heard about a daily interdisciplinary team rounding process called “SIBR” (stands for “Structured Interdisciplinary Bedside Rounds”), where the patient and family were included as part of the care team. It was proving to be a great success at The Alfred in Australia, as well as Emory Healthcare in the US where it originated. Patient satisfaction jumped and units saw lower complications and mortality rates, as well as lower lengths of stay. Dr Jason Stein, the physician who developed SIBR, realised that sustaining daily team rounds resulted in a better…

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The Greatest Constraint Hospital Leaders Overlook

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Hospitals that fail to deliver proactive care are failing as hospitals. If you’re not certain you have proactive care throughout your hospital, you probably don’t. And that's costly, in both human and financial terms. Actual Hospital Care Hopefully we can all agree that proactive hospital care should be routine. The logic is overwhelming. Prevent...
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