Event details:

Location: Auditorium, Education Centre, RBWH
Registration opens: 8.30am
Start: 9am | Finish: Noon
Morning Tea is at approximately 10.30am
Speakers: Dr Jason Stein, MD SFHM and Diaz Clarke, MSN RN

You have the option of attending on either Tuesday 17th or Wednesday 18th of October.

Description: RBWH is one of a group of innovative hospitals preparing to launch its implementation of the Accountable Care Unit (ACU) model including Structured Interdisciplinary Bedside Rounds. The first ACU will launch within Cancer Care Services and the care model is under consideration within a number of other departments.

The ACU care model facilitates efficient multidisciplinary rounds that include effective care planning and improvements in ward-level performance and reductions in outlier inpatients. It has been consistently associated with improvements in clinical outcomes, costs, patient satisfaction, interdisciplinary collaboration and staff morale.

How to register:

This registration form is under construction and will be ready within 24 hours. In the meantime, you can register by emailing bruce.joy @ 1unit.com.au
Include the following information in your email:

  • Which day will you attend? Either Tuesday 17th or Wednesday 18th of October
  • Your name
  • Email address
  • The hospital or health service you work at
  • Your role
  • If you work on a specific ward, please tell us which ward (e.g. 5C)
  • Lastly, Metro North and 1Unit will be photographing and filming parts of the event. The resulting media content will be used for training and promotion purposes by the organisations. If you wish to opt out of this so you’re not filmed or photographed then you must say so on your registration form or tell the event staff upon arrival. If you enter the event space without notifying us that you wish to opt out then you are agreeing to be in the media content. Agreeing to this does not guarantee that you will be filmed or photographed on the day or that you will appear in any resulting media content.

If you wish to register a whole list of people please do so by sending an Excel file with the staff details to bruce.joy @ 1unit.com